Is a Podcast a Startup? Welcome to the Startup Hustle!

We are very excited to start this new podcast. Matt & Matt are both experienced entrepreneurs who enjoy helping others and sharing their wisdom. Or at least, sharing all of our many failures that we have learned from along the way.

The best lessons in life come from our failures. Before we learn to walk, we have to learn to fall while trying to walk.

Starting a new business is hard. Like so many things in life, it is hard to understand until you have done it.

We call it the Startup Hustle because starting a new business is one big hustle after another. When I started my first business I knew nothing about business. As it grew from an extra bedroom is my house to having 250 employees and beyond, I learn a lot of things.

As a startup, you typically have to learn things quickly. You have to be aggressive. You have to hustle if you want to succeed.

We hope that you found our podcast helpful and a little entertaining!

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