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A couple of years ago, the idea of CBD stores being everywhere was an idea many seemed to shutter at. Now, the stigma has lessened and many have become more comfortable with the idea of these stores. Matt and Matt sit down the founders of HempHaven, Jay Humfeld and Danielle Friedrich, in this episode of the Startup Hustle and listen in as they discuss how they got started and what they are planning on for the future. In the CBD industry, there are only 3 FTC compliant franchise systems and one of them is HempHaven, which is based in Kansas City-based. Friedrich talks about their franchise system and what steps they plan on taking in order to reach their dream of expansion. Friedrich and Humfeld currently own 9 stores with 3 in Kansas and other locations in Iowa, Wisconsin and Florida. If you liked the story you heard and want to find more check out our Instagram and our other episodes @startuphustlepodcast.

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