From Hot to Cold

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Air conditioners decrease the heat stress of delicate machinery and equipment in commercial businesses. However, the use of air conditions presents various downsides, such as financial and global energy problems. Today, over 10% of the world’s energy is for cooling and is mainly produced from power plants, the source of greenhouse gases and other pollutants. Todd Gentry, inventor and CEO of HyperBorean introduces a breakthrough invention that uses concentrated solar energy as the heat source that provides daytime supplemental cooling for equipment shelter. In this podcast episode, Gentry and Patrick Hosty introduce HyperBorean, a breakthrough technology that reduces energy consumption by using the energy in the heat input directly to their design. They are on the mission to solve one of the world’s biggest problems. What do you think of this invention? Let us know your thoughts on our Instagram page or on our YouTube episode @startuphustlepodcast.


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