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Okay, let’s be real. Who doesn’t like food trucks? They are literal meals that move on wheels. CEO and Founder of Custom Trailer Pros, Justin Prestidge, accompany Matt and Matt, in this episode of the Startup Hustle, to talk about the difficulties of starting and running a food truck. Statistically speaking, most restaurants fail within the first 3 years of being open, which means that it is a challenge to get open and stay open. Custom Trailer Pros aims to provide the best service it can by crafting a trailer for your company’s specific needs. However, even with all the right building blocks, there will still be a chance to fail. Prestidge mentions that one of the most common problems in starting a food truck is the changing of the health codes. They change frequently and can have your restaurant shut down very quickly. But, you can lower the risk of other controllable factors by keeping the necessities and learning from past mistakes. If you’re interested in starting a food truck business or even another kind of startup, check out our Instagram and our other episodes @startuphustlepodcast!

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