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Branding Tips

Getting into the vibe and wearing beach outfit on this episode, Matt Decoursey is joined by Brelann Lawler as they welcome their new guest, Brendan O’Shaughnessy, the owner and founder of Ocean and Sea. Listen in as they dive into the topic of branding and what tricks you can do in order to make your brand glisten.

O’Shaughnessy is a multidisciplinary designer, who is proudly rooted in Kansas City. He has a strong foundation in entrepreneurship and this led his ambitions to become into Ocean & Sea, a design and branding studio. In this podcast episode, the trio discusses effective strategies on how to make your brand stand out and the basic fundamentals to establish in creating your brand.

Listen as O’Shaughnessy explains to Matt and Brelann what “kerning” means on a logo design and why it is important to get it right.


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