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Developer Shortage

And he’s back! Matt DeCoursey is back in Cebu and sparking all 170 Full Scale employees with his energetic presence! While in Cebu, Matt sat down with Full Scale’s Development Manager, Rodolfo Nacu, or better known as Nax, to talk about why Cebu is regarded as the tech hub of the country.


Nax has over eleven years of experience in the Research and Development industry for Retail Software technology, a recipient of various local and global awards on innovation, technical merit, and positive business impact. In this episode, Nax explains how Cebu is growing and is seen as the tech hub for innovative companies entering the country.


Aside from how fluent the Cebuanos are in English, which makes communication fluid, they are also very efficient, focused, and hard-working developers. Tune in to this episode and get more insight into why you should hire Filipino developers and why Matt speaks highly of Cebu.

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