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fintech startups

Banks don’t always understand the needs of most startups. So, when NBKC bank went from only offering partnerships to having a full-on accelerator program, you could imagine the opportunities that opened up.

Matt and Matt are joined by, managing director at Fountain City Fintech, Zach Anderson Pettit in an interesting discussion on the purpose of being a partnership accelerator rather than just an accelerator. NBKC bank’s program is unique in that it is the bank behind the fintech rather than being partnered with a fintech.

By being a partner-accelerator, NBKC bank is able to offer incentives such as doing a partnership in less than 6 months and offering investments. In order to have a successful partnership, it is crucial to have a relationship with your bank if you want to have a larger fintech company.

NBKC bank recognizes that a partnership needs to be more than just financial support. It needs to be a relationship with a thriving environment for your startup to grow.


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