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The Matts celebrate out 200th episode with a trip down memory lane and talk about how Full Scale got started and the challenges they faced.



Matt DeCoursey was starting his ticketing business and needed some PHP developers; however, the US has a developer shortage. This prompted him to go searching for the finest experts in the field. One of his friends advised him to look into finding PHP developers in Cebu.



Meanwhile, Matt Watson, the founder of Stackify, lost his key developers to competitors. The two would meet in 2016 when DeCoursey interviewed Watson for his book, Million Dollar Bedroom. They started Full Scale with the tagline: “We help you grow your development team quickly and affordably.”



Full Scale now has over 180 employees that started from 5 employees in 2017 helping their clients grow their business. Listen to this episode and others and learn about Full Scale’s services!  



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