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Innovative Education

Innovative Education

Do you ever remember being in a class in high school and thinking: when will I ever use this? In this episode of the Startup Hustle, Corey Mohn, executive director of Blue Valley CAPS, joins Matt and Matt to talk about providing the best education possible to all students regardless of how they learn.


CAPS is a new approach to teaching at the high school level that has been recognized on the national level. It is for high school juniors and seniors, who are looking for hands-on experience in the field they are interested in. There are no restrictions on who can join the CAPS program in Blue Valley. This program is two hours long every day and it is a priority of the program to work around the students’ school schedule.


Programs like this didn’t really exist 30 years ago and now high school students, who would typically struggle in a normal classroom environment, are being given more tools to succeed. This program is investing in our world’s future by helping students in the now.


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