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Juiced Up

Juicing has taken the health and wellness industry by storm over the recent years. Juicing is a great way to revitalize your body and replenish lost nutrients.

Get ready as the Matts get juiced up on this podcast episode with Ruby Jean’s Juicer’s founder and president, Chris Goode. Ruby Jean is Goode’s grandmother who died of diabetes. A few years later, Goode found himself in LA with his friends who introduced him to the world of juicing. Following his first juice cleanse, which lasted for ten days, he felt better than ever and immediately thought of his late grandmother wishing he had known about the importance of healthy eating and drinking. 

Juicing allows your body to revitalize itself and replenish lost nutrients. If you are thirsting for a powerful elixir, listen to this episode and learn how this diet can change your life!


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