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Sock Market

Sock Market

Fashion, as we all know, is a perpetual motion of apparels, footwear, bags, and eyewear. But do you know the newest fashion statement? Socks. Yes, it’s the men’s new tie and now considered as the latest favorite accessory. Your great-grandfather’s classic solid color and stripes are nothing but passé. That idea that your socks should match your pants is long gone!


Get set for a trendy episode as Matt DeCoursey welcomes his guest, Kelly Yarborough, Chief Wisdom Officer of School of Sock. Yarborough used to be in the wireless business but soon realized that he wanted to do something new. While meeting with some of his friends, and now co-founders, they went into the socks business.


Check out how School of Sock started their business and how they exist to enhance the style, appeal, and success of young professionals through colorful, yet professional and stylish socks. 


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