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Trash Talk

Technology is changing the way we do business. In the waste management industry, innovation is reshaping efficiency.


It’s a great kind of rubbish discussion with Matt DeCoursey and guest Mark Stefanski, VP of software at Compology on this episode as they talk about trash. Stefanski is a software engineer who has built a variety of successful “smart” products. His story begins when he was looking for a part-time job during college, where he ended up working for a secret company that wanted to develop a thermostat, which inspired him.


Compology was his next adventure in helping the world. Compology brings efficiency to waste and recycling services through accurate, timely dumpster data collection. Their web-based monitoring software is powered by rugged dumpster cameras helping haulers, generators and municipalities thrive. Listen to this podcast episode and learn how Compology is moving the waste industry forward!


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