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Where’s the Beef?


The beef industry isn’t what it used to be and you can taste it. Matt and Matt meet up with marketing consultant and founder of River Watch Beef, Chris Kovac. In this episode of Startup Hustle, Kovac describes the ever-dropping quality of the beef industry in the United States because of the oligarchal dominance of the four largest beef producers stronghold on the market.

These producers can easily and inexpensively control the entire beef supply chain by mass raising cattle and inadequately feeding their livestock, which allows for the lower production costs.

This lowers the quality of beef for people who live in food deserts, or areas where it is difficult to find high-quality food. River Watch Beef is Kovac’s proof of concept that a direct-to-consumer model is a profitable model, which can still reach the economically disadvantaged and keep a focus on transparency.


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