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Wine in a Can

Wine In A Can

Wine brings us together, helps us unwind and generally sets an elated and peaceful mood. It’s classy and refined flavourful taste makes it tough not to appreciate a glass. This may sound a bit odd, but what about having wine in a can?

What started as a wish became a hit! Graham Veysey, the head wine guy, and Fisk Biggar, president, talked about how MANCAN Wine started. One night at a bar, Veysey wished he could order wine in the convenience of a can and with that idea, he bought MANCAN wine that night.

Founded in 2015 by two childhood friends, who wanted to deliver simple, carefree and high-quality California wine in a can. Since 2015, MANCAN has received many well-recognized wine awards.

Listen to this episode and get a taste of this wine in a can!


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